Work AnywhereSoteriaDrive: Giving you access to the future of motor insurance...

What are the benefits of SoteriaDrive?

  • Quick, cost effective access to telematics
  • Works with smartphone app or installed device
  • Data validation through installed devices
  • Enhanced customer communications

Customer benefits

  • Introductory discount
  • Mid-term discounts for good drivers
  • Individual renewal pricing
  • Fast-track crash alerts to insurer
  • Free theft tracker (hard-wired device only)

Broker benefits 

  • The UK’s first mass market broker telematics insurance policy
  • Access new opportunities/markets
  • Enhanced customer communication throughout policy life-cycle
  • Online administration facilities
  • Increased renewal retention
  • Automated score updates

How It Works
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It's simple...

The customer receives a discounted SoteriaDrive quote via the SSP broker and based on the risk entered, is invited to download the smartphone app or arrange an appointment for device installation.



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It's interactive...

Driving data is collected and scored via the SoteriaDrive app or installed device and the customer, insurer and SSP broker receive on-going score related communications.


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It's efficient...

Automated score updates provide opportunity for mid-term discounts for good drivers and the customer is either offered discounted renewal for good driving, or suitability of cover can be reviewed for poor drivers.

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