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Providing insurtech solutions for over 30 years to 140 insurers and underwriting agents across five continents, you can be sure we have the tools to help you meet the changing demands of your market. Whether you’re a large global general insurer, an underwriting agent or a smaller niche specialist insurer you all share a common goal: profitable growth. Maximising your efficiency, honing your risk insight, rating and pricing with precision, improving speed to market and excelling in customer experience all underpin your goal. Whichever customers you serve and however you choose to deploy your IT, a single technology provider that can fully digitalise your business end to end will give you the edge to achieve your goal.

Supporting you on your digital journey

Digital Insurance Platform

SSP’s digital insurance platform has been designed to enable digital insurance innovation – providing rapid development and the launch of new products into the market on a low-cost, high business-benefit basis. Flexible, seamlessly integrated, channel-neutral, on-demand and comprehensive; SSP provides an intuitive, browser-based engagement centre over a feature-packed system offering every function for managing clients, their policies, billing and claims.

The solution is a change to the historic approach where software vendors build the functionality required into standalone software products. We have taken a best-of-breed approach and created an entire digital suite of insurance components.

  • SSP User Experience Platform – integrates seamlessly into the SSP environment, providing you with enhanced digital capabilities to deliver a consistent and integrated experience to all users across all channels
  • Core Administration System – enables rapid development and the launch of new products into new markets and territories, offering policy and claim control, as well as giving you full control of all reinsurance classes and for any aspect of finance, you’ll always have access to what’s important – the numbers
    Policy Admin systems
  • SSP Intelligent Quotes Hub (IQH) – delivers accurate quotes in real-time, making use of data from a variety of sources to optimise your prices
  • SSP Verify – helps identify potentially fraudulent behaviour providing sophisticated data manipulation analysis across multiples channels, with a single customer view
    SSP Verify
  • SSP Customer Communication Management – designed to create tailored and personalised documents in client-preferred formats, including PDF, HTML and SMS, enhancing customer engagement
  • SSP Business Analytics and Intelligence – out-of-the-box, scalable solution that enables rapid, insight-driven decision making, while reducing demand on your IT teams
  • SSP Workflow – through document processing, case handling, process monitoring and analytics, SSP Workflow will provide the insight to allocate the right resource to the right task at the right time — optimising your people, processes, software and data assets

Partnering with leading insurers worldwide

Ando Insurance

New Zealand-based Ando Insurance operates our SSP Pure Insurance solution providing multi-lines insurance — challenging the traditional insurance company model with a new, simplified business approach.

“SSP Pure Insurance equips us with the agility and flexibility to rapidly launch innovative propositions into the market, which are tailored to meet the individual needs of our customers.”
Dean Edwards, COO of Ando Insurance

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Direct Line Group

Direct Line Group has chosen SSP to support its commercial insurance growth strategy using our digital insurance platform.

“The platform enables us to launch new products quickly, monitor their performance, learn from the results and refine them on a cost-effective basis.”
Jasvinder Gakhal, Director of Commercial Direct at Direct Line Group

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Legal & General

Legal & General has partnered with SSP to launch SmartQuote, an innovative new digital solution that meets the needs of today’s insurance customers by making it quicker and simpler to buy home insurance.

“With SmartQuote providing a hassle-free way to purchase policies, it will make insurance more accessible to consumers, and will form the centrepiece of our targeted growth.”
David Robertson, Director of Digital Transformation at Legal & General

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Resolution Insurance

Resolution Insurance chose SSP to provide a new, robust, flexible IT system to underpin its expansion plans. The deal saw SSP Pure Insurance deployed as a single flexible, end-to-end core insurance solution across operations in Kenya and Tanzania.

“To be able to realise our plans, we needed a proven, functionally-rich software platform designed specifically for the short term insurance market, and that is what SSP Pure Insurance delivers.”
Maryanne Mugo, Managing Director at Resolution Insurance Tanzania

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Hood Group

We’ve worked with Hood Group since 2006 and now provide them with a SaaS-based policy admin solution that includes pricing and data enrichment, aggregator integration, contact management, customer self-service, finance, and pre-application fraud prevention.

“SSP’s Software as a Service solution will allow us to deliver innovative and sustainable insurance solutions for our partners. It will enable us to be fast and flexible, facilitate our plans for full customer service propositions and take a lead in the development of emerging products.”
Simon Hood, CEO of Hood Group

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Markerstudy Group

Markerstudy has adopted SSP Verify, our anti-fraud technology, activating it across product lines in the Markerstudy, Zenith and Chaucer brands. SSP Verify augments Markerstudy’s existing fraud protection measures by helping to eliminate ‘pre-inception’ discrepancies in insurance applications.

“We have long recognised fraud as a problem in the insurance industry and SSP is assisting us as part of our wider existing strategy to tackle it. SSP Verify provides an additional tool to monitor fraud in real time and to prevent it getting onto our books. Reducing application fraud helps us protect our business and provides a fairer service to our customers.”
Gary Humphreys, Group Underwriting Director at Markerstudy Group

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Policy management & claims administrationPolicy Management & Claims Administration

SSP Pure Insurance

An all-in-one personal and/or commercial lines policy administration solution available off-the-shelf yet configurable, and easy to deploy as a cost-effective alternative route building a tailored platform.

  • Modular – fully integrated, intuitive and flexible web-enabled software solution
  • Relationship management – bringing simplicity, flexibility and order to customer and partner relationship management
  • Policy administration – feature-packed component which helps streamline processes for efficiencies in administration and underwriting
  • Reinsurance and co-insurance functionality – provides you with the information to monitor reinsurance programs, exposure and performance
  • Comprehensive claims management capability – drives automation, reduces leakage and enhances customer satisfaction
  • Full double entry finance management – for any aspect of billing, you will always have access to what’s important, the numbers
  • Product builder tool – fast and intuitive that seamlessly integrates with your processes

SSP Select Insurance

A comprehensive fully integrated policy administration solution that can be tailored to suit your business. It connects you to your chosen markets however you choose and can accommodate SSP’s risk selection and precision pricing and distribution solutions to provide a full end to end digitalised operation.

  • Select Contact: provides a single view of customers and relationships across your business, channels and trading partners
  • Select Composer: product composition tool that seamlessly integrates with your current or new processes
  • Select Policy: intuitive, browser-based interface masks a feature-packed component offering every function for controlling policies
  • Select Finance: from automation, multi-currency capability to configurable commission and charging, for any aspect of finance, SSP has you covered
  • Select Claims: tracks all claim activities through business process management and service targets
  • Select Reinsurance: extensive functionality, designed around the way you work

Risk selection & precision pricingRisk Selection & Pricing Precision

SSP Intelligent Quotes Hub (IQH)

A centralised product rating, pricing and quotation solution that delivers accurate quotes in real-time, making use of data from a variety of sources to optimise your prices. It gives you the ability to apply your underwriting criteria how you choose, and distribute rates instantly across all market channels.

SSP and L&G joint venture wins digital Digital and InsurTech AwardSSP and L&G joint venture wins digital award

  • Data Enrichment – obtains market and private data from third parties and exclusive insurer or broker sources
  • Single view and customer view tracking – achieves real-time single-customer view and returns a customer identifier
  • Rating – quotes personal lines, executes a run-time environment and applies underwriting rules
  • Precision and Tactical Pricing – applies sophisticated pricing rules and third party price optimisation
  • Rules Engine – provides ultimate flexibility and business agility
  • Governance and Performance Management – provides real-time management information and business intelligence

SSP Verify

A simple to use and sophisticated fraud detection solution that helps identify potentially fraudulent behaviour on motor insurance applications, pre-inception. It works across all channels in real time.

Insurance Times Tech & Innovation Awards 2016 WinnerSSP Verify wins E-trading Initiative of the Year

  • Private and Shared Watch Lists – allows you to create lists of proven or suspected fraudsters
  • Customer Behaviour – identifies potentially fraudulent behaviour to take appropriate action
  • Device View – identifies and monitors the use of computing device in real time, using sophisticated “device fingerprinting” technology
  • Device Velocity – connects transactions that appear to be generated from a common device using the device fingerprint
  • Device ID solution – to tackle ghost broking and fraud rings
  • Insurer Management Centre – flag those customers you don’t want to do business with through the stop list function

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