Amy Chatwin

Teams for the win – Amy Chatwin

Being new at SSP when lockdown first happened, I was quite worried that I wasn’t going to be able to cope. I had only been in the office for around three weeks so I was still learning quite a lot about the way things work at SSP. 

At first, I found working from home quite challenging as I didn’t know much about insurance and the way SSP worked. But from day one to now I have had a lot of support from my line manager and colleagues which has made it easier. 

Since working from home I have had several training sessions from different colleagues. We used Microsoft Teams to complete the training which helped a lot, it allows you to watch over someone else’s screen and they can also see yours if needed, this made the training easier because you can watch what the other person is doing.

My overall experience working from home hasn’t been as bad as I thought, I think the main thing I miss is the routine and having face-to-face conversations with different people. I would like to go back to the office soon but for now working from home isn’t too bad.

Amy Chatwin,
Incident Associate