BYK2WD Activity Pack

“I’m bored!” – A parent’s least favourite phrase right about now

In 2018 and 2019 SSP invited some very special guests to all our global offices – our kids! This was to help us celebrate Bring Your Kids to Work Day #BYK2WD. 

We know that, for our colleagues all over who are parents and guardians particularly, working from home during the COVID-19 virus will be incredibly hard. Trying to juggle that work-life balance will be easier some days than others. 

So whilst you’re perhaps inundated with suggestions online, we thought there’s no harm in sharing our BYK2WD activity packs to help you entertain and educate your kids – whilst also providing you with a bit of fun during this difficult time. 

We hope it will also aid them in understanding that whilst they can see you, they have to make-believe that the space you’re working in now is just like when they saw you in the office.

Download the activity pack