RWITL partnership accelerates implementations of SSP Pure Insurance

SSP, a leading global provider of insurance technology systems, has partnered with Ravenswood IT (RWITL), a leading independent general insurance software specialist, to enable insurers to accelerate their technology upgrade programs.

This partnership with RWITL provides a flexible resource pool of project management and business consulting expertise to facilitate timely and quality implementation of the SSP Pure Insurance technology system.

SSP software solutions are flexible end-to-end core insurance systems for all lines of business, providing a modern platform in a single solution including modules such as policy administration, claims management, full life cycle policy management and product development.

In addition to providing resource expertise, RWITL provides exclusive components as part of its Digital Insurance Fulfilment suite such as user experience, product definition, enterprise integration, data migration and management information.

Paul Miller, Head of Territory (Asia Pacific) at SSP said:
“Our exciting strategic partnership with RWITL demonstrates SSP’s commitment to providing innovative digital solutions at an accelerated pace.

“With costly and inflexible legacy systems proving a real constraint on the industry, quicker implementation enables insurers to be truly competitive in their markets and achieve ongoing growth,” Mr Miller said.

Paul Williamson, Asia Pacific Managing Director at Ravenswood IT said:
“We are pleased to form a strategic partnership with SSP. The partnership with SSP is an integral part of the strategic cooperation with software vendors. Combining RWITL’s implementation expertise with SSP Pure Insurance will provide effective low-cost implementation services with modern fully functioning insurance software solutions.”

SSP has based its model on using best of breed component providers such as Temenos, to provide customers with quality system implementation and operation. This model saves insurers from trying to source and manage all the system implementation components separately, leaving them to concentrate on what they do best — serving their customers with insurance.

Over the last two years, SSP has implemented SSP Pure Insurance for eight new customers in Australia/New Zealand, including Capricorn, CBL, RACTI and Ando. RWITL has successfully implemented nine SSP Pure Insurance and Sirius for Insurance sites over the last nine years. This partnership will facilitate the implementation of future customer projects.

SSP completes NZ broker migration to local hosting system

SSP, a leading global provider of insurance technology solutions, has successfully completed the migration of its New Zealand broker customers to local data hosting system, Interactive.

Interactive provides multiple high availability data centres in Australia and is designed specifically to provide significantly higher levels of service. SSP’s non-broking customers in the region are also hosted on this data centre.

SSP New Zealand manager, Samuel Finkle, said:
“We are pleased to announce the successful migration of all our New Zealand broking customers following a progressive transfer to the new hosting system.”
“Test environments were created for every customer to mitigate any potential concerns following the outage last year. A number of customers have now been on the new system for more than a month we have received positive feedback regarding the new architecture.”

“Following the Solihull outage last year it was decided to migrate all our broking customers to our local hosting partner, which also hosts our non-broking customers in the region, as we are confident it is able to meet the demands of today’s insurance market. All our customers in New Zealand are now hosted on the Interactive data centre, which we believe has the levels of resilience needed to avoid potential major outages going forward,” Mr Finkle said.

Rosser Underwriting managing director, Andrew McFetridge, said:
“Since transitioning to the new platform, we immediately noticed the speed and stability of the system, the opening and uploading of our documents improved significantly. We don’t have the same issues we used to have and it’s much better now that we have completed the migration. This has been a significant improvement which has helped our relationship with SSP.”

The contract was signed with Interactive at the end of 2016, following the outage at the UK data centre which affected SSP’s hosted broking clients in New Zealand.

Progressive Direct goes live with SSP Pure Insurance solution

Progressive Direct Insurance Company (Progressive) has started operating SSP Pure Insurance solution, replacing Progressive’s existing legacy administration systems, after an 11-month implementation phase.

SSP, a leading global provider of insurance technology solutions was selected by Progressive to provide its SSP Pure Insurance solution in Australia last year. Progressive offers a 100 per cent online, low cost car insurance solution for Australian Motorists.

SSP Pure Insurance is an easily implemented, flexible, end-to-end core insurance system solution, providing all the key components needed to manage an insurance operation, including policy administration, product development, claims management, finance, reinsurance and co-insurance as well as inbuilt document management, task management and business analytics.

Paul Miller, SSP general manager, Asia Pacific, said the technology provides Progressive with a modernised platform to meet the needs associated with constant industry changes and the latest insurance products, while automating processes and tasks to help reduce operating expenses.

“SSP Pure Insurance’s modern platform is now making it faster and easier for Progressive to add new functionalities, respond to change and modify its processes that will help grow the business further,” Mr Miller said.

“SSP was appointed in September 2014 to replace Progressive’s legacy system and we are pleased that we’ve been able to implement a customised solution for the business, providing a modernised platform to underpin an ambitious IT road map,” Mr Miller said.

Simon Lindsay, Country Manager for Progressive Australia said that as a 100 per cent online business, it was important for Progressive to replace its ageing infrastructure and technology and fully leverage its digital capability and to be competitive in a growing market.

“Upgrading our platform was a critical initiative as, following a period of significant growth, we could see that our existing technology was becoming inadequate,” Mr Lindsay said.

“As a fully scalable, web-enabled solution that can manage the entire business lifecycle from a single platform, SSP Pure Insurance aligns well with Progressive’s 100 per cent online business model,” Mr Lindsay said.

The contract between SSP and Progressive was signed in September 2014, with the implementation phase finalising in August 2015.

SSP strikes Temenos deal to offer single interface across all devices ‘out of the box’

SSP has struck a deal with financial services software provider Temenos to package its insurer offering with a new, single user experience platform (UXP).

Using Temenos’ UXP – edgeConnect – insurers will be able to easily and swiftly rebrand SSP’s Select and Pure Insurance products to each of their distribution channels. This means that insurers are able to present a consistent brand and interface across mobile, tablet, desktop and even telesales contexts, without forcing insurers to invest in a custom solution for each device.

Paul Miller, SSP Australia General Manager, said Australian consumers were increasingly expecting their insurers to have a presence across multiple devices.

“Going forward, insurers need their products to work across all their channels straight out of the box and with this technology we are simplifying this process,” Mr Miller said.

“Whether it’s providing consistency between what salespeople and consumers see or tackling completely new channels, we are empowering our customers to apply our products to new contexts.”

Dharmesh Mistry, Product Director UXP at Temenos, said; “Insurers realise they need to provide a seamless and consistent experience across the multiple channels that customers now use for buying insurance products. It’s important for them to also be agile and quick in responding to new market opportunities and customer demands,”

Together with SSP, we will not only help insurers to operate successfully in this demanding and rapidly changing environment, but we will also allow them to differentiate what they offer and set themselves apart from the competition. The joint venture will provide them with a future-proof platform that will embrace new channels and devices as they continue to emerge in this digital era.”

The news follows successful trials and the product is expected to form a central part of SSP’s insurance offering for the next five years.

The deal has already seen an Australian insurer taking up the new offer, implementing the system to create consistency across all platforms.