SSP completes NZ broker migration to local hosting system

SSP, a leading global provider of insurance technology solutions, has successfully completed the migration of its New Zealand broker customers to local data hosting system, Interactive.

Interactive provides multiple high availability data centres in Australia and is designed specifically to provide significantly higher levels of service. SSP’s non-broking customers in the region are also hosted on this data centre.

SSP New Zealand manager, Samuel Finkle, said:
“We are pleased to announce the successful migration of all our New Zealand broking customers following a progressive transfer to the new hosting system.”
“Test environments were created for every customer to mitigate any potential concerns following the outage last year. A number of customers have now been on the new system for more than a month we have received positive feedback regarding the new architecture.”

“Following the Solihull outage last year it was decided to migrate all our broking customers to our local hosting partner, which also hosts our non-broking customers in the region, as we are confident it is able to meet the demands of today’s insurance market. All our customers in New Zealand are now hosted on the Interactive data centre, which we believe has the levels of resilience needed to avoid potential major outages going forward,” Mr Finkle said.

Rosser Underwriting managing director, Andrew McFetridge, said:
“Since transitioning to the new platform, we immediately noticed the speed and stability of the system, the opening and uploading of our documents improved significantly. We don’t have the same issues we used to have and it’s much better now that we have completed the migration. This has been a significant improvement which has helped our relationship with SSP.”

The contract was signed with Interactive at the end of 2016, following the outage at the UK data centre which affected SSP’s hosted broking clients in New Zealand.