Endsleigh commits to SSP’s data enrichment technology in new five-year deal

The UK’s biggest student insurer, Endsleigh Insurance Services Limited, has announced a new five-year deal with technology solutions provider SSP to revamp its approach to data enrichment.

The deal will see Endsleigh add SSP Intelligent Quotes Hub (IQH) and SSP Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) services to its existing software suites, both hosted in SSP’s dedicated datacentre. The new tools will allow Endsleigh to generate more tailored quotes for a greater range of insurers by utilising new data sources.

The transition to IQH from internally developed insurance software marks an important change for Endsleigh as it looks to spend more time with clients.

Steve Pearson, Managing Director, Broker Division:
“Insurer needs have changed and brokers must change with them. Earning access to the best rates means constantly evolving your data enrichment capability.

“Brokers are investing in technology which will keep them ahead of insurer demands and not track behind them. Only by moving away from expensive back offices to fully managed, hosted solutions can brokers thrive against new competitors.”

As part of the deal, Endsleigh will also upgrade software within its financial services business to SSP Adviser, which will be hosted alongside IQH and EDI in SSP’s datacentre. Future upgrades, data protection and disaster recovery will be managed entirely by SSP, helping to reduce both the downtime and regulatory burden for the business.

Elaine Etheridge, Operations Manager, Financial Services, Endsleigh said:
“Using SSP’s technology we can take full advantage of the data we have and use it to enhance our customer interactions. The result is a better, more targeted customer contact and more efficient processes.

“With upgrades and back office management run by SSP, we can focus on delivering the best service possible for our clients.”