Supporting staff, brokers and insurers during COVID-19

How SSP is supporting its staff, brokers and insurers during COVID-19

Since the first outbreak was announced in China, SSP has been monitoring the situation. The SSP Crisis Management Team (CMT) was invoked immediately, with a daily call in place that has been running daily ever since.

Jim Sadler, SSP’s Chief Operating Officer said: “One week before the UK and Indian governments’ decisions to enforce a lockdown situation, SSP commenced steps to move the whole global organisation to remote working and to close our offices. We were able to achieve this fully in 72 hours across our 800 employees and 6 operating countries, mainly due to already having many of our IT systems on the cloud and extensive remote connectivity equipment and tools provisioned. We took this step early to safeguard our employees and ensure we were well prepared to support our clients at whatever point they made similar arrangements.”

With major events being cancelled, such as the ‘British Insurance Brokers’ Association (BIBA)’, 2020 Conference & Exhibition, SSP has been working on ways in which they can still engage and support its customers remotely. For example, they are setting up a virtual event, with a series of sessions including a panel discussion to enable brokers to learn how new technologies can drive real value.

Peter Gregory, SSP’s Director of Broking: “We’ve created a dedicated webpage to house useful content for our customers during this very challenging situation. We understand that businesses have had to make rapid, unprecedented changes to the way they function so we’ve done this to help as much as we can. Along with the guides and videos to enable people to remote work effectively, we are also checking in with our customers as regularly as we can to ensure they are getting the most from their systems and to see how else we can help.”

We’ve had some great feedback from customers too. “I just wanted to say how simple it was for our business to action its business continuity plan once government restrictions were put in place. Once our computers were relocated, we were instantly back up and running with no downtime to service. Everything is working great from all sites and we are able to utilise many aspects of the system to make working from home extra efficient and comfortable for our staff and have ensured customers are being well looked after.” Franco Pietrantonio, A. C. Ins Consultants Ltd.

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