SSP announces Colin Greenhill as Chief Executive Officer to bring customer-focused leadership

SSP today announced Colin Greenhill has been named as Chief Executive Officer. Greenhill brings a wealth knowledge and experience into the role.

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Volaris Group purchase of SSP Limited gains regulatory approval by FCA

SSP is pleased to announce that regulatory approval for its acquisition by The Volaris Group has now been granted by the FCA. This follows the announcement in December that SSP was to be acquired by Volaris Group, part of Constellation Software Inc. subject to mutually agreed closing conditions.

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SSP receives We invest in people Gold Accreditation

SSP is delighted to have been awarded the ‘We invest in people Gold accreditation’. Gold accreditation means that SSP not only has the policies in place, but everyone – from CEO to apprentice – takes ownership for making them come to life. Only 17% of accredited organisations achieve Gold, making this is a fantastic achievement.

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How SSP is supporting its staff, brokers and insurers during COVID-19

Since the first outbreak was announced in China, SSP has been monitoring the situation. The SSP Crisis Management Team (CMT) was invoked immediately, with a daily call in place that has been running daily ever since.

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SSP India receives outstanding case study award from NASSCOM

As a member of the National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM), SSP India’s, Global Services Centre, recently had the opportunity to enter into their awards. Rakesh Tiwari, SSP India’s Head of Operations, presented to the other member companies in the Organization Excellence category at the NASSCOM GCC Awards event. The presentation was about the SSP journey and we’re very pleased to announce that the team were rewarded with ‘The Outstanding Case Study Award’! Other companies shortlisted in the category included Hays, KPMG, Mercer, Nokia and Dell. 

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Adrian Brown joins SSP Limited as Non-Executive Director

SSP Limited has today announced that Adrian Brown will be joining the company as Non-Executive Director. Adrian has more than 30 years’ experience in senior roles in leading underwriting and distribution businesses including as Group COO of Ardonagh Group, UK CEO of RSA and Managing Director at MoreThan.

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SSP joins Disability Confident scheme

As an employer who’s committed to workplace diversity and equality we’re delighted to announce that we’ve recently signed up to the Government’s Disability Confident Scheme.

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SSP sign the pledge to change how we all think and act about mental health

Did you know that approximately 300,000 people with long-term mental illnesses lose their jobs annually in the UK*? With 31% of employees formally diagnosed with mental health issues.** Read more


Hold on, we are in it together

Lockdown in the life of an SSP Internal Account Manager

When we received the communication on Monday 16 March that from the following day we would be working from home, the air in the office was permeated with a few different feelings. There was the excitement of avoiding daily commutes, the worry of having to get our essential office equipment set up to work at home and for those of us with children, the balance of having to home-school at the same time, (how would that even work?). So a real bag of mixed emotions and thrown in thoughts of how we would deal with missing out on all those little moments and office interactions that we wouldn’t get to experience with our colleagues for the foreseeable future.

As we undocked our laptops and collected our plants, we knew that times would be especially testing for our brokers, so we arranged a call for the following day to decide how we could best reassure our customers that, whilst the world is rapidly changing, SSP’s support will always be a certainty. We agreed that nothing is quite as reassuring as a phone call; we rely on e-mails because they can be picked up 24/7, however with most of the world confined to their own four walls, we knew we would all need the reassurance of human interaction. In a team effort, since 16 March, Account Managers and Internal Account Managers have touched base with more than 600 customers, with some wonderful conversations shared.

We don’t want to dismiss the gravity of the situation, with many people dealing with family and friends being impacted by COVID-19, we know it is a time for supporting those who need to make their loved ones their main priority. However, we cannot help but notice that as the world is revolving at a much slower pace. Our customers have also had the time to tell us more about themselves on a personal level – how they miss their manicures, how they took on meditation to avoid burying the kids in the garden, what colour they are hoping to paint their walls and the excitement of being able to buy flour and rice for the first time in five weeks… We’ve listened to heart-warming stories of holiday memories and future plans for places to see once the travel ban is lifted.

Now that we have been at home for around eight weeks, we can honestly say that, for many of us, things are starting to get easier. Along with our children, we have gradually got into more of a routine, getting used to those two little (and very annoying) words, “I’m hungry”. We have mini social calls between ourselves and the wider team to keep each other motivated and sane and look forward to a lunchtime walk in the sun. Our COVID-19 help-page has also offered great support to our customers, providing handy hints and tips on how to better their working-from-home lifestyle and get up and running on the software easily!

“SSP’s Remote Working webpage has assisted in making our transition seamless and effective, contributing to overall business continuity. The guides and videos are a huge help!”

Alan Ferraz, Mainstay

Every call we have had has been gratefully accepted and we have had wonderful feedback regarding how easy it has been to use the SSP system on a brand new laptop (remember those? They’re like gold dust!) Or to simply take the office PC home, connect it to the internet and start work where it was left off without having to waste any time.

“We’ve been delighted at how nippy our SSP system has been, even on home broadband! The company’s productivity during this time has continued to be very high and SSP have truly assisted with that. We’ve not had any issues with our system, and it is reassuring to know that, even during these uncertain times, we are with a software provider that can and will fully support our business.”

Lauren Turner, Rentshield

We are truly cherishing the opportunity to provide some much-needed stress relief, whilst supporting our brokers with any training needs they may have, including promptly delivered remote sessions from our helpful trainers.

““SSP continue to deliver exceptional Customer Service and Training, whenever we need it. Even when that’s a late Bank Holiday afternoon!”

Bryony Sherlow, G A Puttick Insurance

Supporting you in your journey to success is at the centre of everything we do. We know that these are tough times, but we are in this together.

Laura Beasley, Hazel Hand and Silvia Petrini
Internal Account Management

Q&A: Kids ask SSP’s COO about COVID-19

On Monday 24 April 2020, four parents of very inquisitive children (picture young Karen from BBC’s Out-numbered) virtually joined our Chief Operating Officer Jim Sadler for a morning discussion on the coronavirus and lockdown through their eyes. 

Jim took off his proverbial COO hat and became ‘Professor Jim’, dealing with marvellous questions ranging from what will happen at Christmas, holidays, Santa socially distancing, school, through to symptoms like “COVID toes”. Organised by Georgia Peglar and Hannah Parson of the SSP Marketing Team, it was an exciting opportunity for the six children to interview our COO (though they perhaps didn’t know it) and the responses all around were chuckle-worthy.

Georgia and Hannah have split the Q&A into two parts; Part One containing the kids’ curious questions, and Part Two where Jim does some quizzing of his own. There’s Jim (COO) and his two daughters, Amandeep (Project Manager) and her daughter, Rachel (Marketing Manager) with her two sons, and Claire (Head of Keychoice) with her daughter – all curious to interact with people they otherwise wouldn’t meet as they live in various parts of the country. 

So if you’re also perplexed by some of the questions your ‘cherubs’ are spouting about the impact of lockdown/coronavirus etc., these answers may just be able to help you out – and those without children may gain a little understanding of the challenging (yet comical) questions that the working-from-home parents may be experiencing! 

Have fun!

Part One

Part Two

Looking after our people… it’s the little things

Well this is all a bit strange isn’t it?

Here at SSP, as with many other companies, our people have had to deal with the sudden shock of working from home full time and all the challenges this comes with. All while struggling to make sense of whatever normal looks like at the moment.

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Ramadan celebrations continue amidst coronavirus lockdown

The holy month of Ramadan began on 23 April 2020. It’s the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and observed by Muslims worldwide as a time of fasting. It also involves congregating for longer extra prayers (Tarawih), sharing meals as a community, practicing self-discipline, sacrifice and to show compassion for the less privileged.

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SSP staff mark VE Day remembering family from the Second World War

Friday 8 May marks the historic event, the 75th anniversary, celebrating what became known as Victory in Europe (VE) day.

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SSP staff go the extra mile to support their local communities during COVID-19

From donating Easter eggs, running marathons, making PPE and looking out for those who are most vulnerable – here we share just a few of the highlights of the efforts that our SSP staff are making to support key workers and their local communities, during the COVID-19 crisis.

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