Q&A: Kids ask SSP’s COO about COVID-19

On Monday 24 April 2020, four parents of very inquisitive children (picture young Karen from BBC’s Out-numbered) virtually joined our Chief Operating Officer Jim Sadler for a morning discussion on the coronavirus and lockdown through their eyes. 

Jim took off his proverbial COO hat and became ‘Professor Jim’, dealing with marvellous questions ranging from what will happen at Christmas, holidays, Santa socially distancing, school, through to symptoms like “COVID toes”. Organised by Georgia Peglar and Hannah Parson of the SSP Marketing Team, it was an exciting opportunity for the six children to interview our COO (though they perhaps didn’t know it) and the responses all around were chuckle-worthy.

Georgia and Hannah have split the Q&A into two parts; Part One containing the kids’ curious questions, and Part Two where Jim does some quizzing of his own. There’s Jim (COO) and his two daughters, Amandeep (Project Manager) and her daughter, Rachel (Marketing Manager) with her two sons, and Claire (Head of Keychoice) with her daughter – all curious to interact with people they otherwise wouldn’t meet as they live in various parts of the country. 

So if you’re also perplexed by some of the questions your ‘cherubs’ are spouting about the impact of lockdown/coronavirus etc., these answers may just be able to help you out – and those without children may gain a little understanding of the challenging (yet comical) questions that the working-from-home parents may be experiencing! 

Have fun!

Part One

Part Two

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