Zurich Insurance becomes 5th insurer to go live on SSP IQH

SSP today announces that Zurich has become the fifth leading UK insurer to go live with SSP Intelligent Quotes Hub (IQH) to provide insurer hosted pricing for part of its business. 

These capabilities have been developed for Zurich’s Personal Lines intermediated business, integrating SSP IQH with brokers’ software houses systems, and is in the process of being rolled out to Zurich’s broker customers. 

A sophisticated whole of market product rating and quotation solution with the ability to handle large volumes of business, SSP IQH provides Zurich with the market-leading rating, pricing and data enrichment capabilities it needs to become more agile and competitive in the marketplace. 

With a single point of data integration for internal and third-party sources, Zurich can consume information from the ever-growing number of external data sources and providers, and integrate this with its own customer knowledge for greater insight into the risk being insured. 

As application fraud is a growing challenge across the insurance industry, Zurich has also deployed SSP Verify, a powerful pre-inception counter-fraud solution. This enables Zurich to minimise fraud at point of quote, allowing the insurer to price more effectively while reducing premium and claims leakage. 

Adrian Coupland, Customer and Marketing Managing Director at SSP said:
“We’re delighted that Zurich has become the fifth major insurer to adopt SSP IQH. We have worked collaboratively with Zurich to develop a robust shared understanding of the capabilities required to support its vision for market-leading rating, pricing, data enrichment and fraud detection and how these will be delivered through SSP IQH and SSP Verify. 

“As SSP IQH has the ability to handle large volumes of business, it is the ideal pricing and rating solution for the 1.1 million policies and hundreds of millions of quotes that Zurich generates each year.” 

Gareth McChesney, Underwriting Director for Personal Lines at Zurich UK said:
“Our strategy focuses on providing the right general insurance solutions for our individual customers at the right price. To continue doing this, we needed to transform our personal lines business to rate and price more accurately, based on individual risk. 

“The collaboration and delivery focus of both Zurich and SSP continues to enable us to deliver this essential capability to the marketplace.” 

Markerstudy adopts SSP Verify to help combat fraud

  • SSP Verify will augment Markerstudy’s existing fraud protection measures by helping eliminate ‘pre-inception’ discrepancies in insurance applications
  • Markerstudy was able to identify in excess of one million pounds of mispriced premiums in one month period

Insurance technology specialist, SSP, has signed a new deal with insurance group, Markerstudy. The deal will see SSP Verify anti-fraud technology activated across product lines in the Markerstudy, Zenith and Chaucer brands.

SSP processes more than 3 million quotes a day, allowing SSP Verify to construct a single customer view which tracks suspicious behaviour across all aggregator and SSP broker channels. This data can then be fed into the quote process. SSP Verify is designed to highlight inaccuracies that artificially reduce a customer’s premium and underestimate their risk.

In a recent trial, Markerstudy identified premiums of over one million pounds involving ‘pre-inception’ discrepancies in insurance applications. According to SSP, around 35% of converted motor insurance applications in the UK include at least one inaccuracy. With the new deal in place, SSP will work with Markerstudy by integrating SSP Verify into its quote systems.

Adrian Coupland, Managing Director, Data and Distribution at SSP Worldwide commented:
“Even though the majority of insurance customers are honest, insurance fraud remains a chronic problem in the industry. We developed SSP Verify to provide insurers with a solution which operates in real time, highlighting inaccurate applications before quotes are returned.

“Importantly, our technology allows Markerstudy to fine tune the system to its needs. Whether that’s moving suspicious applications onto a different channel, pricing risk more accurately or declining a quote.”

Gary Humphreys, Group Underwriting Director at Markerstudy Group said:
“We have long recognised fraud as a problem in the insurance industry and SSP is assisting us as part of our wider existing strategy to tackle it.  SSP Verify provides an additional tool to monitor fraud in real time and to prevent it getting onto our books.  Reducing application fraud helps us protect our business and provides a fairer service to our customers.”

Brokers risk becoming complacent on fraud, SSP reveals

  • Almost three quarters of brokers say application fraud is not a priority for them.
  • Application fraud /inaccuracies costs the industry over a £1bn per year according to SSP.
  • The most successful brokers are more likely to see tackling fraud as a key driver of growth.

Almost three quarters of brokers have put fraud prevention on the back burner according to insurance technology solutions provider SSP. 74% of brokers, say application fraud is not a priority for their business over the next 12 months, with 65% saying the same about claims fraud.

The data, which comes from a survey of 301 UK brokers, suggests that even in the longer term neither commercial nor personal lines brokers plan to target fraud. 62% of surveyed brokers said that application fraud would not be a priority in the next five years and 60% said the same about claims fraud.

The news is concerning given that fraud is recognised as a huge problem for the insurance industry as a whole. SSP has estimated that fraudulent or inaccurate insurance applications in the motor insurance industry alone are costing insurers over £1bn a year1 in lost premiums, whilst the ABI detected £1.3bn of claims fraud in 20132.

Only the most successful small brokers in the UK3 appear to be bucking the trend. A sizeable proportion of brokers (39%) credit their efforts to get on top of application fraud as a contributing factor to their success. Growing brokers are also more than twice as likely as declining brokers to say that tackling fraud will help to drive their growth over the next five years.

Adrian Coupland, Managing Director, Data and Distribution at SSP, commented:
“Many of the brokers we spoke to have a clear plan for growth, one which focused on providing an excellent service and investing in their insurer relationships. Yet some brokers still seem to accept fraud as a fact of life rather than tackle it, boost business performance and strengthen relationships with insurers.

“As more insurers use technology to improve their ability to detect and track fraud – including pre-inception fraud in the broker channel – brokers cannot afford to ignore the issue. Insurers will look to place business through the channels providing them with the best risk, and using a system like SSP Intelligent Quotes Hub enables the broker to eliminate fraud risk at application stage”.

The news comes as SSP continues the roll out of its Intelligent Quotes Hub, a market leading pricing and risk rating platform which enables insurers to identify fraudulent customer behaviour before a quote is even provided. Sitting within Intelligent Quotes Hub, SSP Verify is SSP’s counter-fraud solution which deals with complexities such as slight changes in names and addresses and different device usage in order to accurately link data to create a holistic ‘single customer view’. It enables users to monitor individual customer behaviour and identify in real-time if the same customer is providing different application data through different channels (e.g. via a broker or aggregator, online, over the phone or directly to the insurer). Users can also use it to prototype multiple anti-fraud strategies simultaneously.

1For details on how this figure was calculated, see:
2ABI insurance facts 2014:
3Defined as those who have grown in the last 12 months