Wunelli supports SSP’s telematics push into Australia and New Zealand

Wunelli, a LexisNexis company, is helping insurers, brokers and motoring organisations in Australia and New Zealand to take their first steps into the usage-based insurance arena. New smartphone app solutions being developed by Wunelli build on its long-standing and successful relationship with SSP in the UK, enabling the insurance technology specialist to offer telematics capabilities to insurance businesses operating in the antipodes.

Forming part of a wider package of IT solutions to speed insurers’ entry into the telematics market, SSP will be offering Wunelli’s mobile platform and scoring capabilities for the development of smartphone telematics apps. Wunelli’s mobile platform identifies driving DNA – the nuances of driving behaviour with acceleration, braking, origins, and destinations ensuring the driving data fed from smartphone apps is 95% accurate. If Wunelli’s mobile platform doesn’t recognise the driving style created from the initial ‘DNA’ driver then the trip isn’t used for scoring purposes. Australian and New Zealand insurers will not only have the score but a quality marking from Wunelli based on recognised driving behaviour.

Penny Searles, Managing Director, Wunelli says:
“These markets have the benefit of seeing what has worked well in the UK. We have spent a number of years perfecting the app technology and alongside the advanced operating systems now available, we are able to address issues such as battery drain, and the ability to download a new app if the original phone is lost or stolen.”

Adrian Coupland, Head of Data Services Strategy, SSP adds:
“The agreement with Wunelli allows us to offer insurers entry into the usage based insurance arena at a fraction of the cost of hard-wired devices. The smartphone apps will allow insurers to go out to the mass market and collect vast amounts of data to understand how it can be used effectively for rating purposes and claims. This is part of a long-standing relationship we have with Wunelli, combining our complementary skills to bring insurers best of breed solutions.”